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I have a 3 month contract (with the view to extend) for a Senior Neighbourhood Officer to be based in Andover. This role is paying £17 per hour via umbrella. Please see the details below.

Role Purpose

To deliver comprehensive, proactive and pragmatic Housing and Neighbourhood Management Services to customers. To be accessible to customers and colleagues in delivering the service and adaptable where required to react to challenging situations. An operational front-line team member with a regular presence on the estates and an emphasis on recognising and responding to health and safety concerns. To lead members of the Neighbourhood Team to deliver the landlord strategy and the comprehensive service to customers as mentioned above.

Key Accountabilities

Enforce and support the landlord’s strategy of a safety first and rent first culture

* Increase customer satisfaction with the neighbourhood in which they live
* Deliver easily accessible, good and safe landlord services
* Audit and review estate inspections, mutual exchanges, gas compliance
* Lead a team of Neighbourhood Officers and Neighbourhood Assistants using a coaching style of leadership to get the best from the team
* Develop and nurture relationships with external and partner agencies, stakeholders and statutory bodies
* Investigate and respond to complaints relating to service failures
* Advise on housing/tenancy operational issues in project delivery
* Using a risk-based approach to programme and complete Neighbourhood Inspections. Accountability for identifying and reporting risks through appropriate channels to ensure a resolution.
* Tenancy management through support and enforcement with an emphasis on collaborative multi-agency working.
* Working within a multi-agency virtual teams, with an emphasis on transparency and open, honest communication
* Dealing quickly and decisively with all forms of tenancy breaches, working with customers to address the matter, agreeing action plans and where required taking legal action to enforce the tenancy.
* Proactively highlighting and investigating cases of tenancy fraud, to ensure our properties are being occupied by the right customers. Acting to address any issues promptly.
* Identify and report safeguarding concerns
* Recruit new talent into the business and develop that talent for the needs of the team and the organisation


* A portion of the role is routine where a rehearsed solution can be applied. But often the routine elements of the role escalate into something which requires thorough analysis through a range of channels and consultation for a decision to be made. An example of a challenging problem that this role faces is when the need for an emergency move to alternative accommodation is required. The needs of the customer and community need to be met within the remit of Aster as a landlord, their expectations managed, and an investigation performed as to the requirements of the customer and need for the move.

* Investigating alleged service failures within the Neighbourhoods Team, obtaining all the facts and relevant information from the customer and other areas in the business. To enable a full picture to be painted and arrive at the


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